REDOUT: Race Faster Than Ever

The fastest game ever made, finally on Steam!


Couch Multiplayer Fragfest!

Hop on your space cadillac and throw down the gauntlet in the fastest 80s-inspired space shooter!


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34BigThings @ PRE-PAX

| 34BigThings, Events, Gaming, Redout | One Comment

Gamescom is not even over yet and here we are announcing you can find us in the next big event! Microsoft made an amazing selection of promising indie games and…

34BigThings @ Gamescom 2016

| 34BigThings, Events, Gaming, Redout | No Comments

Hello friends! It’s August and while most people will just consider the hard choice between going to the beach or up a mountain, 34BigThings is more than happy to be,…

Team Introduction: Conqueror Technologies

| Graphics, Redout | No Comments

The Conqueror racing team was born on the Moon. Created as a bet between two entrepreneurs originally from the US, it entered the Lunar Rally Championship without much hope, but…

Off to Singapore and Malmö

| 34BigThings, Events, Redout | 4 Comments

We are delighted to announce that Redout will be taken for a quick spin around the globe next week! Casual Connect Asia, Singapore 17-19 May. Redout is part of the Indie Prize…