REDOUT: Race Faster Than Ever

The fastest game ever made, finally on Steam!


Couch Multiplayer Fragfest!

Hop on your space cadillac and throw down the gauntlet in the fastest 80s-inspired space shooter!


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Redout: A Technical Analysis on the Offline Dynamic Resolution Scaler

| 34BigThings, DeveloperDiary, Graphics, Redout | 10 Comments

Building a virtual world means striking a balance between making it vivid, rich with objects in number and details, and render fluidity. The aesthetic research we have been pursuing on…

An Official Response to Digital Foundry’s analysis of Redout on Xbox One X

| 34BigThings, Gaming, Graphics, Redout | 37 Comments

UPDATE: Digital Foundry apologized, took down the video, we managed to open a functional conversation over the issue with them and our community, nobody is suing none. We can all…

Of console launches and easter bunnies

| 34BigThings, DeveloperDiary, Redout | 29 Comments

Let’s get this out of the way: after 7 months, we can say that the PC launch of Redout went well. We’re happy with the sales volume, critics reception, players reaction…

Redout awarded Best Italian Videogame of 2017

| Uncategorized | One Comment

It’s with a great dose of satisfaction, a little incredulity and too many excited shrieks that the 34BigThings team received the Drago d’Oro Award for Best Italian Videogame of 2017 with Redout….