REDOUT: Race Faster Than Ever

The fastest game ever made, finally on Steam!


Super Inefficient Golf

Everything is better with bombs, even golf. Available now.


Mars or Die!

Mars will be ours! Preorder it on Steam!


Redout: Space Assault

The next generation of the tactical space shooter is coming!


Couch Multiplayer Fragfest!

Hop on your space cadillac and throw down the gauntlet in the fastest 80s-inspired space shooter!


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An intro to Poseidon Heavy Industries

| 34BigThings, DeveloperDiary, Redout, Redout: Space Assault | No Comments

“Poseidon Heavy Industries were once leaders in the construction of luxury cruise ships, specialized in unforgettable pleasure trips across the stars for “the 1%”. After a series of scandals involving…

Did you know we also make music?

| 34BigThings, DeveloperDiary, Gaming, Hyperdrive Massacre, Redout | No Comments

We are (finally) releasing all the critically acclaimed music we have been baking in the last years worldwide! In case you’ve missed it, we started with the Original Soundtrack for…

All your options to play Redout in VR

| 34BigThings, Redout | One Comment

If you wish to step into the cockpit of the fastest AG racing ships ever built, you can play Redout on many different VR systems for PC. Oculus Rift, HTC…

Redout: A Technical Analysis on the Offline Dynamic Resolution Scaler

| 34BigThings, DeveloperDiary, Graphics, Redout | 10 Comments

Building a virtual world means striking a balance between making it vivid, rich with objects in number and details, and render fluidity. The aesthetic research we have been pursuing on…