Gamescom is not even over yet and here we are announcing you can find us in the next big event! Microsoft made an amazing selection of promising indie games and they will be showcased in Redmond on September 1st. You can find the complete list over here:

Making games is a really though job, where a non-linear process meets the creative needs of weird people. But sometimes you get even more satisfaction that you should, just because it is that hard.

And that’s why we would love to mention some of the best games we think are doing an amazing job at crafting masterpieces:

They are just amazing, check them out and let us know what you guys think!

34 Out!

About Valerio Di Donato

Software Engineer and Game Director, Valerio owns a Master Degree in Game Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen. He has been working on the technical side of many micro-successes out there, taking the lead on front-ends, back-ends and design directions. He is currently leading a TOP10 game on the iOS App Store.

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  • Hi Valerio,

    Awesome! Can’t wait to read more about these games. Microsoft chose a great place to reveal the release of these games at a spot with die-hard gamers who would eat this info up. Perfect customer segmentation by Microsoft done here.


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