Last weekend, Hyperdrive Massacre was at the Milan Games Week. Thanks for all the players who stopped by, those who came looking for us and the (many) others who stopped by on their way to try other games. As you can see, we were in a great position 🙂

Our awesome stand

It’s always a genuine pleasure to watch a group of friends learning the basic controls together, going from “how do I move!” to “HAHAHAHAH PWNED!” in a bunch of seconds. The yelling and laughter of our players has put a stupid smile on our faces that won’t go away.

Happy players I
Happy players II

If you have come here from the GamesWeek, let us say “grazie infinite” and hope you’ll enjoy many other hours of competitive space fragging!

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Software developer and game designer, Giuseppe owns a Master Degree in Game Design from the IT University of Copenhagen. He worked on the 2013 IGF Student Showcase winner Blackwell's Asylum, and on the award-winning game Machineers. Loves game jams as much as football. Being Italian, that's quite a big deal.

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