Muscle cars engaging in laser space battles!

Hyperdrive Massacre is an 80s inspired multiplayer fragfest for up to 4 local players, focused on kinesthetic, tactical and shooting skills.
Take control of your space cadillac and frag your way to victory against your friends, or practice against the AI to unlock the full crews roster. Submachine guns, sniper rifles, frag grenades, homing missiles and bullet-deflecting shields are just a subset of the tools at your disposal to create havoc.

Best played on a couch!

What they say

Hyperdrive Massacre is a great local player game that anyone can enjoy.
Cameron Resner, – Read more

A prime slice of local-multiplayer gaming that offers both co-operative and competitive action that is balanced, consistent and most importantly of all, hugely entertaining.
Rich, – Read more

Hyperdrive Massacre understands what it is, and plays to its strength of frenetic multiplayer action to perfection.
Ahmed Mohamed, – Read more

Hyperdrive Massacre is a solid single-stick shooter with a nice retro futuristic vibe.
Rosh Kelly, – Read more

““Although its content is family-friendly, it also makes for an excellent drinking game.” We didn’t partake in the latter because, well, I quite like my pals and this would’ve caused things to turn ugly. It was plenty of fun without anyway.”
Joe Donnelly, – Read more

“If you think of Micro Machines colliding with Asteroid then you’ve got this game in a nutshell.”
Andy Williams, – Read more

Key Features

8 unique battle arenas
16 spaceproof muscle cars, each manned by its own whacky crew
9 instant power-up weapons
6 game modes: Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Death Race, Space Soccer, Last Man Standing and Spong
– Local Multiplayer up to 4
– Viciously challenging AI for when your friends are not around

Now available on Steam & XBox One!


Art and Screenshots

Steam Launch Trailer

 Announcement Trailer

Future platforms





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