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Nintendo Switch - 8th June, 2018

Nintendo Switch


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Parallel is a stylish neon puzzle platformer where you control two characters at the same time. You will need dexterity, planning, and timing, to guide the two luminous squares efficiently. Split your brain in half to make it to the end of the level!
Enter Parallel’s abstract, colorful cybernetic world. Cunning traps, coordinated jumps and moving platforms will put your skills to test. Levels will never feel the same, the challenge will be open for hours!

Parallel is also about friendship and synergy. Have a friend join in, and cooperate to get through the hardest levels.


Right out of the biggest game development school in Italy, Event Horizon School, a group of friends started working on a game prototype about a platformer with two players. That prototype has been iterated countless times and the team changed in more than one occasion to keep working on Parallel, until they signed with 34BigThings to port the game on Nintendo Switch.


  • An original side scroller where two characters, living in separate universes, helping and depending on each other without ever being in contact.
  • Single player and co-op mode: each player needs only one Joy-Con™ to play. Use both Joy-Con™ to play alone.
  • 30+ levels. Hours of guaranteed fun!
  • Tons of time challenges and bonus levels to discover!


There are currently no trailers available for Parallel - Think Twice. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!


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Parallel - Think Twice Credits

Cristian Gurra
Project Leader, Programmer, Designer

Federico Giorsetti
Game Designer

Pierantonio Ostuni
Lead Level Designer

Marco Andreotti

Michele Di Nardo
QA and Compliance

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