Screen Space Reflections are being treated as the current big thing any next-gen game should have since when Crytek showed them in their famous Crysis 2 DirectX 11 update.  So what are they? Unreal Engine 4 (the engine we are currently using for Red:OuT) supports them using a hierarchical system of local cubemaps: basically polling the environment around these probes to calculate quasi-perfect reflections in real time. In case the technical part intrigues you, you can read more about their implementation here:

What it means for us (and for our players) is the joy of next-gen visuals in Red:OuT! Let’s check some comparison screenshots to get a bit more hands-on!

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Software Engineer and Game Director, Valerio owns a Master Degree in Game Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen. He has been working on the technical side of many micro-successes out there, taking the lead on front-ends, back-ends and design directions. He is currently leading a TOP10 game on the iOS App Store.


  • Cesar Falcao says:

    I think this reflection effect on alpha video 1 is the most amazing eye candy of the game. Yes the track, scene and speed are really great, but the reflections on the track is a first one for me. Ia it hard to implement in UE4? What hardware can handle this: PC/iOS?

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      Hello Cesar,

      It’s not hard at all to implement thanks to UE4. Hardware wise, we are building against PC/MAC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. Not sure about Mobile support.

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