Team Introduction: Conqueror Technologies


The Conqueror racing team was born on the Moon.

Created as a bet between two entrepreneurs originally from the US, it entered the Lunar Rally Championship without much hope, but ended up conquering the second overall place thanks to the performances of a pilot, a friend of the two, who happened to be of Native American origin. From that point, the company attracted good funding and was able to enter AG Racing a few years later. All its ships have always been given a more or less romanticised versions of ancient Indian names, as a good luck charm.

Conqueror ships are not easy to tame. They are heavy, not too agile and not too brilliant in terms of sprint, but they are massively powerful: once they go up to speed, few are able to keep up the pace. They are sturdy and durable. Their batteries recharge really fast, although their capacity is limited: good drivers take advantage of this by using short bursts of turbo to compensate for the low acceleration.

Someone kindly pointed out how our previous GIFs were not-so-excellent, so as a bonus, here are some better GFY version of the teams we already introduced. Enjoy!


About Giuseppe Enrico Franchi

Software developer and game designer, Giuseppe owns a Master Degree in Game Design from the IT University of Copenhagen. He worked on the 2013 IGF Student Showcase winner Blackwell's Asylum, and on the award-winning game Machineers. Loves game jams as much as football. Being Italian, that's quite a big deal.

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  • Mat says:

    I love the design of these vehicles, but I find I totally lose control and therefore the race when hit from behind and spin out.

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