REDOUT: Race Faster Than Ever

The fastest game ever made, finally on Steam!


Mars or Die!

Mars will be ours! Get it on Steam!


Super Inefficient Golf

Everything is better with bombs, even golf. Available now.


Redout: Space Assault

The next generation of the tactical space shooter is coming!


Couch Multiplayer Fragfest!

Hop on your space cadillac and throw down the gauntlet in the fastest 80s-inspired space shooter!


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Redout: Space Assault remains docked

| 34BigThings, Redout: Space Assault | 8 Comments
Dear players and fans, We are sorry to announce that Redout: Space Assault will be delayed. We do not know yet when the game will come out, and whether it…


| 34BigThings, Goblin Squad | No Comments
WHAT IS GOBLIN SQUAD? So last week we announced Goblin Squad, our upcoming game about goblins running amok in a human kingdom, pillaging and looting all they can find. But…


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Welcome back to 34BigPeople, where you get to know the members of 34BigThings! Last time we interviewed Ivano Zanchetta, one of our game directors. This time, we are here with…

About Bungie and Activision Blizzard

| 34BigThings, Gaming | No Comments
A couple of weeks ago, Bungie announced that they were going to rescind from the contract they signed with Activision in 2010. This contract legally bound Bungie to develop a…