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Welcome back to 34BigPeople, where you get to know the members of 34BigThings! Last time we interviewed Ivano Zanchetta, one of our game directors. This time, we are here with Ennio Caglià, one of the talented concept artists of the studio!

Where are you from, Ennio?

I come from Catania, in Sicily.

What is your role in 34BigThings?

I am a Concept Artist and an Illustrator.

What was your education?

I attended an artistic high school in Italy (which I don’t feel like it contributed much to my education, but hey…). After that, I traveled north to Milan, where I studied at the Scuola del Fumetto (School of Comics). Finally, I came here to Turin to study at Event Horizon School, where I enrolled in the Master’s Degree in Concept Art and Illustration.

Have you always wanted to make video games?

I wanted to draw comics, but the market wasn’t very accessible for my level of skill back then. Concept art always intrigued me, and video games were certainly a passion of mine since I was a kid; so I decided to try doing concept art professionally.

How did you enter the studio?

Around halfway through my master’s degree my teacher, Steve (34BigThings’ Lead Concept Artist), pushed me in, and I decided to stay.

Which projects did you work on?

Every single one! Redout, Otto, Hyperdrive Massacre, Mars or Die!, Super Inefficient Golf, Redout: Space Assault, and some more of which I cannot talk about.

What was the greatest challenge in working on these projects?

There were many, but I think that the greatest was learning how to actually do this job: from the human standpoint, when you are a loner like me, it can be incredibly difficult to think that a game is actually the product of several people and that you have to communicate effectively with your colleagues. It was also difficult from a technical standpoint because you can (or should!) never stop growing as an artist, and this also means that you must always learn new tools. Right now, for instance, I’m trying to learn more about 3D modeling in order to broaden my skillset.

Do you work on personal projects besides your work in 34BigThings?

I have done some freelance work in comics and books, however, none of the work I have done has been published yet, so I cannot publicize it much.

Gabriele Omaggio

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