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Hello friends! It’s August and while most people will just consider the hard choice between going to the beach or up a mountain, 34BigThings is more than happy to be, once again, in the middle of Germany for the annual gamescom.
On a personal note, I really like the fair. It’s huge, ambitious, almost surreal, considering the amount of people and companies participating.

Our CEO will be wandering the gaming streets showcasing our latest Redout build, almost in GM, and some unannounced projects if you are interested. His schedule is pretty full at the moment, but he is usually pretty happy to enjoy coffee (duh, italians!) or beer (well, that’s why it happens in Germany, anyway), so drop him a line:

We heard rumors of Redout release date, pricing and availability will be disclosed at this gamescom. Who knows, maybe they are true, after all.

Valerio Di Donato

MSc in Game Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen. Founder of 34BigThings, Game Director for Redout and Hyperdrive Massacre.

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