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34BigThings to publish its first third-party developed game for Steam: Helheim.

We are happy and proud to announce that 34BigThings will publish the debut title of Not A Number, Helheim: a frenetic, action-riddled hack n’ slash with classic bullet hell aspects.

As the goddess of death, Hella, you’ll have to reconquer your reign by defeating anyone who stands in front of you. Brand your sword to kill enemies with their own projectiles and unleash superhuman powers to annihilate them. You can add Helheim to your Steam wishlist directly here:

NAN is a newborn game development studio originated from former Event Horizon School in Turin, currently incubated in the 34BigThings building. Glued together by their dreams and passion, NAN attracted the best students from their academic year to shape the final vision of the game and build the product they are bringing to market with us.

For the last two years the team of Not A Number has worked constantly into tweaking the game’s mechanics and visuals to the limit of their capabilities, and now the game has reached a state that they deem complete and ready for release.

The game will release on Steam on February 1st, 2019.

The announcement trailer is on Youtube, here:


Gabriele Omaggio

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