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Pre-Alpha game footage 2!

By October 10, 2016June 27th, 2019Gaming, Redout

To make up for our recent lack of new pictures and #screenshotsaturdays, we decided it was time for a new gameplay video!
Please note, Red:OuT is a work in progress. There’s still a lot of work ahead and the quality of the final product will be on a totally different level.

This is the current state of affairs, let us know what you think, and have a great weekend 🙂

Gabriele Omaggio

34BigThings' rookie Social Media Manager. A multilingual mess of word-wrangling tendencies. Occasional writer and translator.


  • M787 says:

    Gran bel lavoro!
    Lo stile ed i colori mi piacciono tantissimo, ed anche la guida non sembra per niente scontata!
    Secondo me sarebbe meglio creare un hud piú pulito ed in linea con lo stile a pochi poligoni (tipo quello di destiny ad esempio, lo preferisco perché é molto semplice). Per il resto, spero nelle gare online 🙂 grazie al cielo anche ps4 😀

    Continuate cosí.

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      L’HUD di Destiny é un’ottima reference, grazie della segnalazione e dei complimenti!
      Faremo un post dedicato alla HUD appena iniziamo a lavorarci, quella che vedi nei video é ancor meno che alpha.

  • DeathScripts says:

    Non vedo l’ora che esca.. Da un gioco così mi aspettavo più roba “sparaflashante” tipo riflessi dappertutto ecc. Per il resto ottimo lavoro ragazzi 🙂

  • Bastien says:

    Hello the team,
    After i seen the video, i think the feeling of speed is good, but its look like when the ship turn its have no inclination angle for the moment , and they are too much arrow everywhere i really feel not confortable and we dont need that ( look wipeout or fzero) in my opinion and friends opinions had seen the video. And the last the ship look really little on the track.

    That all for bad point but finally the work you make look really cool. I expect a lot about your game, its just pre alpha, thats why i give my player feeling.
    Thank you very much you have my support.

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      Thanks for your feedback Bastien!

      The ship will roll (‘inclination’) when turning, don’t worry. Will add that kind of polishing when the time comes, for now we want to have the ‘perfect handling’. Or at least try as long as possible to achieve it 🙂

      I agree on the abundance of arrows, we will slim them down and add more diverse content in the game soon enough!

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