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An intro to Poseidon Heavy Industries

“Poseidon Heavy Industries were once leaders in the construction of luxury cruise ships, specialized in unforgettable pleasure trips across the stars for “the 1%”. After a series of scandals involving corruption of prominent politicians all across the globe, Poseidon decided to take aggressive measures when it came to security services for themselves and their customers: Morrigan Weapon Dynamics was forcibly acquired through a hostile takeover on the stock market, securing billions worth of assets and concurrently opening a transportation branch, operating to and from the colonies.


Poseidon Heavy Industries

Backed by a powerful military R&D branch, Poseidon has built an impressive fleet, armed to the teeth with cutting-edge technology. When the Earth Council unilaterally announced the requisition of a vast number of Poseidon ships, to be destined to the Colonization fleet in desperate need of vessels, the company was more than ready to go rogue and defend their assets by force.”

Valerio Di Donato

About Valerio Di Donato

MSc in Game Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen. Founder of 34BigThings, Game Director for Redout and Hyperdrive Massacre.

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