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Developer Diaries – June 2014

By July 10, 2016June 27th, 2019DeveloperDiary, Redout

Diaries? Who on Earth got time for THAT? There’s GAMES to be made, SHIPS to tweak, TRACKS to design!

Well, I do. Truth is, we are listening to reggae music and watching some seriously beautiful arctic landscapes coming to life, while different ships, power-up concepts and game mode ideas pile up in the design document. There’s a good, buzzing vibe in the office and it’s a genuine pleasure to report it here. Welcome to our original, fresh, 100% organic gluten-free monthly development recap!

June has been a productive month. We integrated former Milestone Graphic Programmer Giacomo Marchetti in the production pipeline. Only problem is, now we have two Giacomo in the office. So we use nicknames. So indie.

In other news, we’ve got a bit tired of racing in the desert. Pyramids and sand are all good and well, but a change of place is sometimes refreshing. Work on the second landscape has started and it’s going pretty well: now we are chilling in the Arctic, penguins and icebergs and pink skies and an abandoned research station, and a ship graveyard and OH MY GOD SO MUCH BEAUTIFUL STUFF TO LOOK AT! Wait for the next #screenshotsaturday to see some glimpses of it. Wait, you don’t follow us on Twitter yet??? Follow @redoutgame already!!!

On the driving side of things, the floating and steering systems are always under scrutiny. Both improved a bit during the last month, but there’s a lot more to do! We are looking forward to the perfect feeling we want to deliver in Red:OuT and we will not stop until we are 100% happy with it.

A first iteration of the track design has also been implemented. The desert map was mostly a test for our ability to shape the environment around the track, and it was already a pleasure to drive around. We intend to put some serious effort in creating smooth, fast tracks, to maximise that sense of speed and vertigo that already transpires from the game. Work on that front is proceeding well.

Also, we started showcasing the game around a bit. We have been at GameHappens in Genova, and NewGameDesigner in Milan. A few frames of our game aired on La7, a major italian TV channel. But feedback from people, that’s the important part of it all: many picked up the controller and actually played a pre-alpha prototype, voicing their honest opinions. It was refreshing, and inspiring. In fact, we want more! We will be at GameOver Milan in September, and we started to think about the GamesWeek in October. And who knows, if conditions will be propitious, we might even end up at GamesCom in August…

Until next month!


Gabriele Omaggio

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