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Hello again!
Today I’ll speak about the ongoing details study for terrains and props.
Our game is ‘graphically essential’ and deliberately low-poly: being based on essential shapes doesn’t mean you don’t want details or small chunks of debris or whatever will give a better look to your scene.
Let’s have a look at the following two screenshots:

screen_03 screen_03_b

Forget for a moment the difference in color scheme. Do you see the sand? Moving from completely flat to a waving and more realistic feeling?
Placing a bunch of debris and sculpting a little bit the terrain around the houses gives to the scene a more believable appearance: some occlusion kicks in where the buildings touch the ground and the absence of the straight line is way more “natural” for the eye.
Another example?

screen_01 screen_01_b

Quite similar, but the little differences here and there create a completely new feeling, when you pay attention.



His education and background are strongly technical, due to a Computer Engineering master degree. He worked both in the game industry and in the movies one; in Los Angeles at Entity Fx and in Milan at Milestone s.r.l.. In his portfolio, Motogp14 for next-gen consoles, the whole WRC series, Michael Jackson's "this is it" VFX and much more.

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