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Welcome to the Help page for Hyperdrive Massacre. Here, you can find general informations about the game, controls, game modes, and contacts.



Accelerate: apply acceleration to your ship in the direction it’s facing.
Brake / Reverse Thrust: apply a reverse acceleration, which will stop your ship and eventually causing it to move backwards.
Aim: change the direction your ship is facing. Note that aiming is absolute: if you point your stick down, your ship will progressively rotate until it’s facing down!
Pause: pause the game, show controls and options.
Shield: raise your front shield, as long as this button is pressed! Your shield will reflect most basic bullets, block missiles, push mines and the soccer/spong ball.
Drop Mine: release a mine that will activate after 1 second. Careful! Once activated, the mine will chase any ship getting close, including yours!
Horn: lost track of your ship in the heat of battle? Press this button to use the car’s horn and trigger a visual indication of your position.

Game Modes

Deathmatch: shoot anything that moves!!! Kill chains increase your score multiplier, effectively boosting your score, so be careful in balancing attacking and defence!
Team Deathmatch: same as deathmatch, but try not to shoot your teammates! Friendly fire is always on and any teamkill counts as a suicide, subtracting points from your team’s score! This game mode requires a friend, as it’s not available to play solo.
Last Man Standing: in this game mode, victory is not triggered by points and there is no multiplier. The amount of respawns available is limited, and the last ship alive wins!
Death Race: be the first to navigate through checkpoints! They will appear at random locations on the map, and they will grant increasingly more points the longer they stay in place. Your gun is limited to the SniperShot, so you will need to be accurate in your shooting, but you will also be able to stop players from getting a checkpoint at the other side of the map.
Soccer: in this game mode, you can finally feel like a deepspace Maradona! Push the ball with your shield, or shoot it to the other team’s goal. Choose between the “Bullet” and “Spear” option to select which weapon will be available in the match. You can wrap the edges of the map by navigating into the goals. Friendly fire is always on. This game mode requires a friend, as it’s not available to play solo.
Spong: acronym for Space-Pong! Play the classic game of Pong with a twist! Your shield is much wider and you cannot cross the midfield line. Once the ball starts moving, it will not stop until a goal is scored. Friendly fire is always on. This game mode requires a friend, as it’s not available to play solo.


Found a bug? Got any questions? Constructive comments? Insults? Praise? Drop us a line at specifying “HDM” at the beginning of the subject.