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Hyperdrive Massacre landing on XBox One!

It’s time!

Hyperdrive Massacre was announced in the ID@XBox lineup at GDC 2015, and now it’s ready to fulfill its destiny of bringing vintage laser battles onto a next-gen console.

Hyperdrive Massacre brings space mayhem to XBox One on January 13th!


Wear an astronaut helmet, get behind the wheel of a space cadillac and throw down the gauntlet! Invite friends over, grab controllers, crack open a few*, lean back on the couch (or start jumping, your call), and enjoy the game on the platform it was designed for.

*sodas, that is: HDM is PEGI 7

Hyperdrive Massacre will be available for a mere $9.99 / €9.99 with a 20% discount for Gold members at launch.

We are super, SUPER happy that this is finally set to happen!



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