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Redout officially announced!

By March 2, 2017June 27th, 2019Redout

Redout was announced as part of the ID@XBox lineup by Microsoft at the Game Developers Conference 2015. Check out the announcement trailer below, it’s been looping in the office since last week. Some of us watch it before going to bed. It’s not a cheap marketing buzzword: we are incredibly excited to write this!


Please note it’s not Red:ouT or Red:Out, nor RedOut. That’s right, we settled on a name, and that’s “Redout“. That’s the first important thing. No semicolon or camel case: simple and sleek.

Just like our new ship’s design!

REDOUT is blue.

Resulting from the combined efforts of Daniele Salvetti and Christian Scampini, this is the first iteration of one of the 5 ships you will get to drive. Each ship will have unique handling capabilities, acceleration curves, top speed, durability and energy pool. Plus, you will be able to progressively upgrade your ship by winning races, until your ride has what it takes to compete in the next class.

Did you get that? “Upgrade your ship”.


You grew up dreaming to become a Redout pilot, as many others children did. You’ve proven your worth so far and, after years of hard work, you are now given the chance to compete in the toughest racing league of all times. Pick your initial ship from one of the base models. Starting from side events, work your way up the ladder and build up a reputation, until you have gained enough thrust and popularity to enter the SRL Solar Redout League. Perform well and earn credits, so you can buy new ships and powerups. Try to make it on your own or seal sponsorship contracts with increasingly big corporations. Beware of the fine print: bigger contracts will mean thicker strings!

Career Events, held all around the solar system, will include many different racing modes, testing all the skills required from a Redout pilot. The following is a list of event types that are approved by the SRRF Solar Redout Racing Federation.

There are Time Attack races, where you get 5 laps to beat the best three times of the track. Credits are granted for each time beaten, and calculated according to the performance. This favours faster ships and reckless power-ups, but exploding and respawning can ruin a lap.
Speed events are time-attack on steroids in which your ship is self-repairing. You get three laps and your total time is what matters. Magnetic Inducer Hoverturbos are scattered around the track, and you’ll need to hit as many as possible to subtract bonus seconds. Precision is important as much as raw speed.
In Survival events, your ship’s life is progressively drained over time. Complete a determined amount of laps to obtain bronze, silver and gold, without exploding, as there’s no respawn. More and more turrets and traps get activated over time. This obviously favours sturdier ships and conservative power-ups, but a too conservative driving style is also a risk.
Four to ten ships are allowed on the track for the standard Race event. Who arrives in front after a determined amount of laps wins.
In Last Man Standing events, four to six ships are on the track. Each lap, the last contender is eliminated.
The tougher version of Last Man Standing is the Arena Race. It’s a short race with no respawn. The first one to make it alive to the finish line, or the last ship alive, wins.
Endurance races are long, score-based events where your average position matters. Points are granted over time according to your position and performance, as well as your final position at the finish line.

Everything you unlock in Career mode (ships, powerups, racing classes, events and racetracks) will be consequently available for Quick Race mode, where you can practice against the AI or challenge your friends in local multiplayer.
Here at 34BigThings we are terribly excited about the flow of this game. We can’t wait to be able to show you more.


• Career mode. Race against the AI, climb the ranks and upgrade your hovership
• 25+ tracks scattered around 5 locations on a post-apocalyptic Earth, plus boss circuits
• 7 event types, from classic Race to innovative Arena Race and Score-Based Endurance
• 5 upgradable racing hoverships, each requiring a different driving approach
• 10+ racing-focused, upgradable powerups: additional turbo, shields, self-repair drone, advanced grip system, slipstream enhancers, and more

And we didn’t even get to talk about everything else, so here’s a list of what we accomplished in the last two months!
– Two complete environments (Alaska, New Cairo) and a WIP one (Abruzzo)
– Complete new camera system with position and intention prediction
– New Engine SplineComponent with full deformation control and normalisation
– New SSS Shader for the ice in Alaska
– Jump System and Fly Mode
– New track elements, nice and shiny
– Polishing on the tracks to enhance the sense of speed and progression
– New eyecandy effects (camera, light shaft, fov adaptation, etc…)

A special side note goes for the soundtrack. We got two amazing talents onboard, Nils Iver Holtar and Aram Shahbazians. Their work so far has been way over what we expected, and we already had very high expectations. You will get a sneak peek of their amazing work in the next weeks.


Gabriele Omaggio

34BigThings' rookie Social Media Manager. A multilingual mess of word-wrangling tendencies. Occasional writer and translator.


  • Michael says:

    So excited! I hope it’ll turn out to be what I expect!

    Career mode and upgrades is great!
    I see that there will be 5 ships upon release, thats really good what with the upgrades and such. However, will we get more and more as time goes on with expansions/DLC and such? Or will that depend on the popularity of the game?

    Are there any plans on what other systems it may be released on? Not all of my friends that are interested in this game have the XB1, many play on PC although this does seem like a game that will be very popular with couch console users.

  • Xbox One will be the launch platform. PC and PS4 will come in the future, although no specific release date is set!
    About DLCs… in case the game performs well, they will come :3

  • Onkel Baunzer says:

    Such a pity it’s released on horst:box first. I would have bought the game for PC though..

  • You guys should reconsider adding online multiplayer. These sort of games tend to get forgotten without an online component.
    Also waiting for a PC version.

  • Synestematic says:

    holy shit this is gonna kick ass soooo hard!!!! BOOOOOOOOM

  • Rutger Lundgren says:

    Redout was probably my favorite of all the new Xbox One games announced over the past few days, and reading this makes me even more excited. Good job, guys and girls, I’m anxiously awaiting further updates.

  • Neuromancer says:

    Giuseppe, will there be weapons in the game and if so, will there be an option to turn them off? Thanks in advance!

    • Hello Neuromancer!
      That’s something we thought quite hard about. No, there will be no weapons in the game, and here’s why.
      Scope and focus, first and foremost. Having offensive capabilities with the option of disabling them, allowing players to enjoy the game as they prefer, is on paper the best way to go, if you are able to deliver consistently on both aspects. We are making, first and foremost, a racing game, and that’s what we want you to do in our game: race. We simply don’t feel like taking the risk of diverting any effort from that core experience. I think small indies like us definitely don’t need to emulate big productions, but go in sharp and hard on that one aspect of the game they want to be remembered for.
      And that brings us to the second point: the “Wipeout emulation” syndrome. We hear enough people claiming we are nothing but a Wipeout clone already, so we don’t need to reinforce that impression. (Apparently, anti-gravity racing has too much legacy and at the same time not enough dignity to be called a game genre, for some reason). We are not particularly worried on that side, though, because everyone who had the chance to play the Redout alpha acknowledged that the driving model is quite different, challenging, and fun, and the driving model is everything for us.
      In Redout, you’ll win if you are faster. Not if you shoot better, or draw the right powerup at the right time. Our motto is “race faster than ever”, and all the production effort will be oriented towards that.

      TL;DR: it’s better to do one thing really well than two things decently. Hope we’ll be able to deliver!

  • Klaas Teller says:

    Really looking forward to this on PC. Game looks awesome!

  • monte says:

    Aw, too bad you changed your mind. Last time I watched some Redout videos,, it said it would be launched on PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC version coming out later. But oh well.

  • M787 says:

    Online multiplayer pleeease!

  • MP says:

    Can’t wait for the PC version !

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