Race Faster than Ever!


Redout: Enhanced Edition is a tribute to the old racing monsters such as F-Zero, WipeOut, Rollcage, and POD. It is designed to be an uncompromising, fast, tough and satisfying driving experience, soaked in that vertigo that stands at the core of the arcade racing genre. The floating system and driving models are based on physics: each turn, slope, hard braking, acceleration, each turn and twist of the track will apply a unique force to the ship. A sharp low-polygon style blends meshes and terrains with the latest state-of-the-art shading and lighting effects provided by the Unreal Engine 4, creating beautiful and instantly recognisable aesthetics. Breezy coastlines, eerie frozen landscapes, vast desert plains: the melancholic, dystopian atmosphere of a semi abandoned Earth is the background for the most high-speed, tense and beautiful futuristic racing clashes.

 Key Features

  • Online multiplayer – match against 12 players around the world for a real challenge
  • VR Support – Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or Razer OSVR
  • Career mode – 100+ events to race, experience, level up and upgrade your ship
  • A Diverse World – 25 tracks scattered around 5 locations on a post-apocalyptic Earth, plus boss circuits
  • Never bored – 11 event types, from classic Race to innovative Arena Race and Score-Based Endurance
  • Create your story – 6 racing teams, each requiring a different driving approach, and 4 increasingly fast racing classes
  • Powerup – 10+ racing-focused, upgradable powerups: additional turbo, shields, self-repair drone, advanced grip system, slipstream enhancers, and more
  • Music for your ears – full 5.1 support and a dynamic soundtrack that will drop sicker and sicker beats the faster you go!

Redout is the fastest game ever made. If you can handle it. It’s not about the numbers you see on screen, it’s about the vibrations, the landscape and buildings flying by, the high-speed collisions, the effects, the sounds, the immersion: everything is meant to feel you going FAST.

Online Multiplayer
Challenge up to 12 players from all over the world and find out who’s the best Redout pilot in history! Do you think you have got what it takes? Prove it. True glory is a flame lighted at the skies.

Immersive VR
We have been working hard to give you the best VR game yet. Get inside your HMD to experience 3D and distances like never before, you’ll know exactly where the apex is and feel a whole new level of control.

Control is the most important feeling when you are racing at 800km/h. Redout features believable physics derived from quad-copters controllers and real magnetic forces. We came up with the next generation in AG handling. There’s always a way to face a corner without braking, but you have to prepare for it and use everything you’ve got. Steer, strafe and turbo out of a corner are the basics: upgrades and powerups will grant you even more control on your ship’s behaviour. You’ll need to dominate your ship before you face the advanced tracks.

A Rich Context
AD 2560. Earth stripped of its natural resources. Global warming caused the melting of the northern polar ice cap, and tropical storms ravage all areas that didn’t suffer from desertification.
Pockets of humans are crawling their lives away in a few slums, descendants of those who were left behind or refused to leave. Others created huge conurbations, based upon some of the most populous cities once on Earth. Most of humanity, though, has moved on the Moon, Mars, Titan, and other Jupiter’s moons. Earth is often used as a location for entertainment stuff like hi-speed races, futuristic amusement parks and zoo parks, which allows local communities to work and profit in a harsh environment.

One of the most followed sport is Redout: the fastest race practised by humans driving high speed anti-gravity ships on magnetic tracks.


Art and Screenshots

Announcement Trailer




  • Salve!

    Sono uno studente di Ingegneria Informatica al Politecnico.
    Ho visto il gioco al Lucca comics e devo dire che è molto bello! Quando sarà disponibile?
    È possibile avere una copia? 😀

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      Ciao! Il gioco uscirà verso la fine di quest’anno su tutte le maggiori piattaforme.
      Ci vediamo al prossimo LC&G.

      • vittorio says:

        ciao ma alla GAMESCOM ci vediamo? 😀

      • sergio says:

        Ciao. Giusto per curiosità, state pensando di usare Vulkan per le altre piattaforme (Switch, Android, Mac, Linux)?

        Tenete presente che esiste la possibilità di affidare il porting a feral interactive, che è una società specializzata nel porting su piattaforme a kernel linux (come android, ubuntu, e mac) e soprattutto ha sviluppato uno strato di conversione directx 10/11/12 -> vulkan.

        Allo stato attuale per esempio “Mad MAX” gira su dx11 su windows e su vulkan su linux, per cui alla fine è più peformante su linux.

        probabilmente in questo momento feral è leader nel know how per quanto riguarda vulkan.

  • Dave says:

    Oh, no there’s no PS3 version. That’s a shame.

    You should consider supporting the previous gen too. It doesn’t look like the game needs the latest gen to render, and I’m sure the PC version will have low-ish requirements, right?

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      Hi Dave!

      We are using Unreal Engine 4 to deliver next gen graphics for the main consoles and scalability for PC. Therefore yes, the PC version will have low requirements due to all the things you can disable visually, but the recommended hardware will be pretty mid-high range.

      Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t run on PS3 nor X360.

  • Stefan says:

    This looks amazing!
    F-Zero, Wipeout, Hydro Thunder, Rush, Xtreme G… I LOVE those games and I am very glad to see someone bringing that gameplay back.
    How can I know when the game will be released?
    Good luck from Belgium!!

  • Vince says:

    Hi! I saw on the youtube announcement trailer that the estimated release date is Q3 2015. Is this for PS4, XB1, and PC at the same time? Also, what’s going to be the release price?
    Either way, this game looks sweet. Can’t wait!

  • Would Love To Talk About RedOut

    My name is Brandon and I am the Director of Developer Relations for The Inner Circle Game Network. We specialize in promoting upcoming titles coming to Microsoft platforms. We conduct podcast interviews with developers as well as feature previews and reviews on our website http://www.ticgn.com. We also do daily twitch streams of the latest games and invite developers to chat with fans about their title. If you are interested in working with us to help you promote your upcoming title please let us know. We want to thank you for the opportunity in advance and I hope to hear from you soon.

    Brandon Clark
    Director of Developer Relations
    “For the fans by the fans”

  • Jonathan says:


    Since the UE4 supports Mac and Linux, will you be supporting those platforms too?

    Thank you

  • Vince Lewis says:

    My my, this looks wonderful. Us poor PC chaps have been missing out on this style of racing game.

    Please consider releasing via GoG or via your own website. Make Steam optional, because their near monopoly is harmful and has turned PC video game ownership into long term renting.
    If I buy this game, I want to know playing it will not stop my family playing other games.

    I have over 80 games locked into Steam, and I don’t want to add any more to that number.

  • Carl says:

    Looks great! Any chance of a Linux or Mac OS X release? Also, which stores are you planning on releasing at? I would love to see this on GOG or DRM-free on the Humble Store

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      DRM-free build is coming!

      We don’t have plans for OSX nor Linux at the moment, the first mostly because there’s no decent hardware where Redout can run as it should.

      • Nick says:

        Linux has the same graphical hardware as windows machines. The only difference is the OS

        Mac makes sense, since you are limited to apple hardware, but linux can run on typical gaming machines. I think a 980ti or titan X is enough to run this game, and both of those will run on linux machines.

      • David says:

        Hello! If I buy the game on this page, will I get a DRM-free build? If not, where will you announce a DRM-free build? I’d like to know when it is avaliable!

  • Ivan says:

    Wow, what a beautiful game! I wonder if you could add cockpit view and VR support? That would be fantastic.

  • Marco Ieva says:

    Complimenti per il grandissimo lavoro, ho visto da fuori il vostro studio perchè vivo in zona e sono un malato di videogiochi come voi, studio informatica all’università di torino e il mio obbiettivo è di diventare programmatore di videogiochi. Spero di incontrarvi di persona un giorno e, se è possibile, darvi una mano in qualche progetto. Attendo con ansia la release di questo titolo che si prospetta “mega galattico” !

  • David says:


    I am wondering will this game have a story mode or story line? Is there a kickstarter site to back this game?

    Thank you,


  • Isaac says:

    Will there be Linux and Mac versions, or will this game be Windows exclusive?

  • I did not know this game but the video crave to play ! Thank for sharing

  • RSP says:

    Ciao, ho provato il Gioco al Cartoomics e sono rimasto molto colpito, non vedo l’ora di giocarlo sulla PS4!!!

  • Brad says:

    When is the expected release date? just wondering really want to play this.

    Also is it going to have split-screen 2 player and online multiplayer?

    Also is there a demo I can try anywhere

  • Brad says:

    Is this coming to Steam or Windows 10 Store or both just wondering because you dont have the steam icon like you do on Hyperdrive Massacre

    Really hope its on steam also because I am not touching Windows 10

  • Leighton Flux says:

    Wow, all I can say is… WOW. I have only just stumbled on this title and I’m just blown away by its potential. I have a couple of questions if I may!

    Which individual title (not series) would you say is your biggest inspiration? As much as I love the original SNES F-Zero, I utterly adore both Wip3out SE and WipEout Pure. For me, the physics, aesthetics, and lore behind both of those games are spot on for a Anti Gravity Racing title.

    Also, do you intend of having a paid pre-alpha or alpha (if you have not already), or do you intend on going through something like Steam Greenlight instead? Would love to get my hands on Red:Out and see how it evolves!

    Please, please, please, PLEASE keep up the great work on this title, us PC AG Racing enthusiasts plea for a game such as this!

    Best Wishes and good luck!

    • Hey there, thanks a lot for your comment!
      Personally, I’m more of a POD, Rollcage, Trackmania kind of guy. But I loved WipEout Pure,F-Zero and F-Zero GX as well, as half the studio does. There’s no single dominant inspiration, I’d say.
      We intend to release on Steam Early Access. It could be soon, we just need to further polish some features. We have delayed a lot already, but we will not publish the game until we feel it’s good enough 🙂 Cheers!

  • Clancy Carr says:

    Hi there, just stumbled upon this game on NeoGaf and I have to say it looks amazing! Glad this subgenre is coming back via indies in the form of Formula Fusion, Fast Racing Neo, and you guys! Best of luck, I’ll be keeping a close eye on the game’s development 🙂

  • Brad says:

    Put this on steam ill buy it right now

    How much do you think this game is going to cost when you release it do you have a price in mind atm

    Release this already on Steam Greenlight i want it now

    and will it have split screen and online multiplayer? if not now or in the feature

    But as much as i want it dont release it till its complete dont want a broken game on release

  • Wade says:

    Says it’s available on PS4 but I can’t find it anywhere. How do I get this game for PS4?

  • Brad says:

    Where do i find my Steam User id for the beta sign up

    Is it the name i use to log into steam or is it a number or is it the name i use on my profile?

    Where do i obtain it as i really want to try and get into the Beta as i have been following this game forever and really interests me

  • Brad says:

    Well its to late now if i sent the wrong info i cant send another one

    you should let people know where to find this info and exactly what it is

  • Anonymous says:

    Will this game have Playstation VR support?

  • Brad.F says:

    Just got the beta and I’m enjoying it but I do find it hard to control the ships maybe its just me.

    Anyway So far so good great game hopefully this will also have split-screen racing when its fully released or patched in later on

  • This looks amazing! Would you ever consider making this PlayStation VR compatible?

  • Lewis Simpson says:

    What about console release?

  • Sherlock Holmes says:

    Looks so cool! Can you tell me about the single player campaign? That’s always my favorite mode. So I pick one of the 6 teams and then winning races against the ai gives me money to spend on upgrades? Is it a tournament style setup (for campaign or local multiplayer)?

  • Lief says:

    Considerate la possibilità di fare una release per mac e linux. Magari drm-free su humble bundle e/o gog.
    Ho letto cosa avete scritto, non ha senso fare una release che non può girare bene… ma se possono girare giochi come deus ex human revolution, tomb raider 2013 e altri su un macbook pro 2012 (e redout non sembra avere una grafica più pesante), sicuramente redout può girare sugli ultimi mac (dove addirittura the witcher 3 può girare se si fa una partizione bootcamp in particolare se parliamo dei modelli con scheda grafica dedicata), forse un tentativo vi conviene farlo. Magari nei primi tempi il vostro gioco sarà giocabile solo sugli ultimi mac, ma con gli anni questo limite andrà naturalmente a sparire.
    Parlando di linux invece non c’è nenanche questo problema (ma credo che il problema in questo caso sia un altro… non volete avere problemi con il supporto di troppe distro), ma anche qui vi basta supportare ufficialmente solo distro basate su ubuntu (o steam os).

    Siamo nel 2016 e guardando tra gli indie quasi tutti supportano mac e linux e tutti i principali store supportano il mac: steam, gog, origin… e 2 di essi supportano anche linux, questo perchè c’è un buon mercato.
    Visto che siete in grado di fare build schiacciando un bottone (grazie ad unreal engine), dovreste provare a mio parere… qua non si tratta di portare tutto il codice da windows a mac/linux, qua si tratta di fare una build che non siete sicuri che valga la pena fare (ma che invece vi ripagherà sicuramente).

    Sul fattore drm-free avete detto che ci state già lavorando quindi vi lascio lavorare. Personalmente mi trovo molto bene a fare acquisti su gog e humble bundle, non solo perchè è molto semplice fare il backup di un’installer ma anche perchè spesso comprando vecchi giochi fatti solo per girare su windows se sono drm-free è facile farne un porting con wine (mentre se usano steam bisogna prima fare il porting di steam).

    Vi faccio comunque i miei complimenti, non capita molto spesso di vedere una software house italiana che cerca di produrre dei giochi di qualità.

  • Mike Dong says:

    Sitting here with 10 hours left deciding whether to buy it or not and I can’t find if there is splitscreen. Anyone?

  • Dave says:

    Just got the game and I love it! You guys did a great job with the track design and handling. I have a request. Will you patch in the option to disable the motion blur? I think it does make the game feel fast but it hides all the gorgeous graphics. Thank you for the wonderful game!

  • Patrick says:

    I have no idea what to do when i install the game because all it installs is vcredist and directX

  • Mogdy says:

    Hi, I bought it, very good, i have an oculus but the graphic quality is quite better on a screen, do you plan to support crossfire in vr with liquid vr ?
    and good work

  • Sleepy says:

    Amazing game! Haven’t had as much fun racing since Wipeout 3! Any chances for more Redout wallpapers?

  • Michelangelo says:

    Guys help.

    I’bought this game but somehow this opened the buy in Humble Bundle.
    I did it the day of the release, before it was released.

    Is this game being bought in Humble Bundle directly? because I’ve verified the Credit Card and somehow my purchase was done twice.
    I now have the game but I have another key (that I did not redeemed of course) on Humble Bundle. I’ve opened a case on Humble Bundle Support but I’m contacting you here because I cannot see any SUPPORT in the site.
    Please Help !
    The case is:
    Request #421892: I have a product that was charged twice


  • David J says:

    PLEASE PUT A PROPER 3RD PERSON VIEW IN VR! Please!!! Cam should be farther from the ship…

  • Hi Valerio,

    my name is Scott Hayden and I write for Road to VR, a publication concentrated on all things AR/VR. I would love to do a review of your game and ask you a few questions as well. Maybe we can carry on the conversation via email?


  • Philipp says:

    Hello thank for the beautiful game! Is there any list of supported controllers/gamepads? Unforunately my speedlink controller doesn’t work… 🙁

  • Roger says:


    The game is no working wint AZERTY keyboards.

    How do I rempa keys?


  • Pingback: Redout
  • carlo torino says:

    capolavoro manca solo la personalizzazione dei tasti

  • Eric Burcham says:

    Redout is just friggin SICK. Everyone in the family loves it. My 3 and 5 year-olds are spending hours trying to beat the other one’s best times. They aren’t any good, but they don’t care. They lose their minds having fun anyway.

    As for me, are you f***ing kidding me right now? I have been playing PC games since the Commodore 64 days, and have NEVER had this much fun right out of the box. The speed is there. The control is there. It is approachable for beginners. It is INSANELY hard to master. This the best best game I own for pure fun, bar none.

    Eric Burham
    Houston, TX, USA

  • Richard says:

    Any chance you will be releasing on GOG?

  • Shleizer says:

    Hello Valerio,

    Game looks great.
    Any news about DRM-free version? Some date of release or anything?

  • I bought this game yesterday and it is truly amazing.

  • Bruno says:

    ciao vogliamo un dlc con nuove piste e tracce audio, acquistato gioco da dio, bellissimo. grandiii

  • Stéphane says:

    Hi all! 🙂
    Any release date on PS4 please?

    Kind regards

  • Martin says:

    So is there going to be a PS4 Version or is it cancelled? If yes, when will be the release?

    • Valerio Di Donato says:


      • Pier121121 says:

        As other people have already pointed out, a PS4 version with PS VR support will be great!
        Right now the PS VR games portfolio is very limited and only a couple of true race games are actually avaliable.
        A game like yours playable in VR mode could really become a success. I wish you the best!

      • ju says:

        I’m waiting for the xbox one version, 2017 too ? no precision ?

  • Kris says:

    I’m a big fan of going fast and this game looks amazing. That said, I’m also a big fan of my expensive racing wheel for my PS4, the Logitech G29 Driveforce.

    Can I expect to see support for that on PS4? Unlike PC it doesn’t have simple plug and play and doesn’t work with unsupported games. I’ve got big hopes for this and can’t afford a rig to run it on PC.

  • Painter_9896 says:

    Hi could not find any support site for redout, because game doesnt work anymore pls help

  • Nandos0804 says:

    Se compro il gioco adesso su humblebundle.com avro la versione drm-free una volta rilasciata?

  • Tommaso says:

    Non vedo l’ora di comprarlo per la switch! Sarà anche in retail? Qualche indicazione sul mese di uscita?

  • Romar says:

    Please hit up a version for Linux, all my super computers run on that OS. Can’t wait to get my hands on this game.

  • Tony says:

    Hi, if the game can support SimTools or similar software in order to use in a VR motion simulator?

  • Dylan Henderson says:

    One of the best AG racing games i played since the fall of wipEout. I rate this game 9/10 in my opinion.

  • Is there an API or method to access the telemetry for driving a motion simulator?

  • Juan says:

    Cool game! Will it be further optimized for AMD hardware with Vulkan or DX12? My nvidia rig runs this better than my amd-one.

  • Daan says:

    PS4 quesiton

    hi guys, im trying to google / find out where i can get my ps4 copy of Redout.
    This is turning out to be quite difficult.
    I cant find the game on Playstation Network and the only retailer i was able to find that would sell it in the UK were these three

    could you please tell me if you have plans on releasing Redout on PSN or contact more retailers, please?
    Id love to get it !

  • Olaf Stolt says:

    my GamePad doesn’t seem to work with the pre-set bindings.
    (Logitech RumblePad 2)
    adding Custom keybinds would be a great option.

  • Jeremy says:


    any news for the DRM-free version ?

  • Sindri says:

    Is there a place where the community can suggest new content? – Email, or maybe a forum?

  • Outis says:

    What’s up with the PSN sign-in requirement to play Career Mode? Got separate “offline” profiles on the PS4 for the kids only to find out the majority of the content is locked behind this requirement. Really need to update the description on the store page to reflect this. Had the thought to pick it up on Steam, but after this discovery I’m a bit put off by the developer. I’ve never been a fan of the always online requirement of games past. Furthermore, they’ve left no easy way to contact them. Maybe it’s a different ball-game on the PC, but I’m not about to take the chance a second time. Hopefully, a developer see’s this and either updates the system requirements or makes the necessary changes to the console version.

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      We read everything, don’t you worry 😉
      We are aware, we are considering different options, but honestly it’s unlikely we manage to change that, due to all restrictions Sony has on accounts.

  • Hugo-Pier Fleury says:

    Hi!! I have the game on my xbox one! I’m literally in love with the game!!! Wow! Thank you!!! But it have some lags or little bugs. It will have a patch for this soon? Or something like that? Thank you!!! 🙂 This game is awesome!!!

  • Outis says:

    Appreciate the honesty (in regards to my previous comment), understandable if you’re limited by Sony’s restrictions regarding the PS4 version. Including the requirement for an active PSN account would be helpful on in the description on the store page. Unfortunately, I’m not about to about get my kids a PSN account any time soon. Not fair to enlist them in a legal contract with Sony when they’re not old enough to understand the online terms of use, let alone turning them into a commodity for Sony. I’ll let them make that decision for themselves when they’re a bit older. Meanwhile, I’ll take another look at the Steam version. Anyway, the little I’ve played has been great so far! Good job.

  • Ian brown says:

    Got the game for my brother for his birthday. He loves wipe out so I figured her love it. He tries a quick race to get the feel for it and then goes to career, only to find it won’t let him because it’s demanding to be on the network.
    We live in the middle of nowhere and cannot easily do such without absurd internet charges, so we look for game that do not require permanent internet connection.
    But the game won’t let us play career, and so we cannot earn power ups, experience or new craft in any way and essentially are being blocked by the game requiring an online connection when it specified it was not required!
    This is an absurd and stupid waste!

  • Lucas says:

    anyone see anything about the mars dlc coming to console?

  • Squorbit says:


    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      Hello Squorbit! Unfortunately releasing games for PSVR means a lot more work and bureaucracy than a normal game. But we are working on it, hopefully we’ll release a PSVR update pretty soon!

  • Tom says:

    I have one quick question, which I haven’t been able to find out about elsewhere: Does Redout for the PS4 have “view” options? I can’t drive worth beans unless I have an “in the cockpit” view or an “on the front bumper” view. So, does the game provide for such a view? Thanks!

  • alec0907 says:

    Hello, what about switch version release date in Europe? Listed october the 24th 2017 in the USA, but not yet annonced in the Nintendo E-shp…

  • Akos says:

    Best game ever. Simply briliant! In fact the only game that got even my family members playing in the past 10 years.
    The “voice acting” is horrible. I wonder no one mentioned it but that droid-woman imitation sounds much more like a talking panda on an acid trip. Sorry but it kinda ruins it in my opinion.
    There should be a happy, enthusiastic, lively voice that befits the dynamic of the game… It really wouldn’t take much to replace those few lines of speech with a decent voice acting performance. Thank you.

  • Maddy says:

    Ciao. Perche a me con ps4 pro nella modalità carriera dice “devi essere loggato” e non mi lascia entrare?

  • ZiChi says:

    Any release date for Xbox One X 4K@60FPS patch? Can’t wait!

  • Bruno says:

    salve volevo fare i complimenti a tutto lo staff, gioco spettacolare e dire poco, sul mio pc i5 con una gtx 960 4gb gira tutto ad epic a 60 fps stabili, la velocità folle ti fa impazzire, peccato solo per qualche traccia audio che poteva assere suonata o mixata da qualche artista importante! le traccie audio delle ultime 5 piste sono da sballo con mix e parlato! comunque è come una droga che non smetti più! spero sempre per il supporto per nuove piste grazie a tutti

  • Hey… happy xmas and just a question… could we still expect a Playstation VR version of Redout ? It would be soooo cool ?

  • Hey… happy xmas and just a question… could we still expect a Playstation VR version of Redout ? It would be soooo cool ?

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      Hello Kay!

      We are currently working on a free PSVR update. We don’t have a release date yet, as it doesn’t depend only on us. But it should be rather soon now 😉

  • Zaher says:

    Very disappointing … got the game on xbox one x instead ps4 pro under the promise that it will be support better visuals …. it didn’t no 4k … no optimization this is a rather dissapointment from a team that put a lot of love into the game ….

  • Razzel says:

    Are you guys going to be doing a fix for the FPS issues on X1X? I love the game but the frame drops are pretty noticeable.

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      We are constantly working on performance improvements on all platforms. We released our first performance enhancement update just a couple of weeks ago and we will continue doing so in the coming months 😉

      • Razzel says:

        Sweet, glad to hear it!! Thanks for the quick reply!

        • Ken Eves says:

          I picked up your game for the PlayStation VR platform, the last I heard the patch was supposed to be ready the end of 2017. Do you have any update on that? I’m super excited to play. Thanks for the great content!

  • Gordon Valta says:

    Okay, first of all: I love Redout. It’s my favourite racing game right now. BUT…Could you PLEASE remove this annoying “chainsawish” sound whenever an opponent passes you? This little sound effect is driving me insane. I have my SFX down on 20 so I don’t have to hear this effect. Please, for the love of god remove it.

  • Aldo says:

    When the Nintendo Switch version goes on sale?

  • John Paul says:

    It is such a great game, one could perhaps wish for a track editor pack, perhaps a final ship, the “Class V ready” prototype. I am really enjoying the MARS pack on PS4; I do hope you will continue to build upon this solid foundation for a long time to come.

  • Sandra says:

    Such a blast of a Game . Thx so much. Kowing your are working on the Sony PSVR Virtual Reality Update and it will be out soon is so freaking exciting omG. XOXO

  • Kai says:

    Will there be a PSVR patch?

  • Sandra says:

    Hi Valerio , it would be a blast if you would do a Redout PSVR Thread or AMA (Meet the developers ) at https://www.reddit.com/r/PSVR/ for the forthcoming PSVR Release. I am sure a lot of people have many questions about the Game and PS4 Ps4Pro playability and Cameras and so on.

  • Matthew says:

    Just purchased the game and found the tutorial level won’t progress any further than instructing me to move the right analogue to strafe. Performing the action, holding it down, nothing works, really disappointing, I’m hoping this is a new bug as iv only seen one other report of this occuring. If there is a workaround or fix on the way would love to know :).

  • Santacruz says:

    Hi, just bought Redout plus dlc on standard PS4 and it’s superb – far better than Wipeout Omega I have to say. I am however experiencing an intermittent sound glitch. Best way of describing it is like a loud crackling electrical charge that completely substitutes for the soundtrack. First came across it on career mode on the first Alaska track where it appeared in certain sections of the course then went away again. It has appeared however on later courses too. At one point I wondered if it was an ‘attack’ effect by another ship but I don’t think so. Other than that well done for producing a superb racer. Hopefully this loud, grating sound thing will get fixed and looking forwards to the ‘Back to Earth’ dlc when it is hopefully issued.

  • Aris says:

    Guys would like to thank you for this awesome game. Have to feel the rush since xtreme g racing association on ps2. The tracks, ships, music, handling, are AAA. Weldone!

  • Ben says:

    Mac version please!

  • Menion Azalee says:

    It looks like a great game…however!!!! You need to give the ability to use the arrow keys as steering. The wasd is cumbersome and a pain in the ass!

  • Armando Barradas says:

    Hi. If redout psvr patch is not coming out anymore, you should just tell us. It’s not fair to wait for nothing. Thanks.

  • sergio says:

    Vorrei segnalarvi che Ryan Gordon (un linux porter con alle spalle molti giochi) sta cercando giochi da portare GRATIS su linux (è già finanziato pubblicamente tramite patreon). possibilmente potreste prendere contatto con lui per la conversione linux di redout tramite l’indirizzo email icculus@icculus.org

  • Sandra says:

    I am really dissapointed that we do not get an answer about the PSVR Release here since 5 months.
    I bought the game with all addons and we can at least expect a feedback from the Devs here about the Sony PSVR Update .
    Not even this pre question of Armando Barradas 4 weeks old is answered.

  • ekelion08 says:

    In quanto fan sedotto e abbandonato da F-Zero GX posso solo dirvi:GRAZIE!!!specie x il set di controlli “Classic” 😉 e x le tracks che pumpano niente male ? ?
    Se potete per favore implementate la possibilità di avere uno Split-Screen con linea divisoria in Orizzontale anziché Verticale (per il testa a testa in 2giocatori ad oggi lo split è fisso in verticale e non c’è l’opzione per variare il “taglio” in orizzontale) …e se mi fate una offerta x l’acquisto dei DLC in blocco ve li acchiappo subitissimo ora un po’ carucci x chi è squattrinato…
    Grazie davvero raga KEEP IT UP!!! ?

  • Jerome says:

    Thank you so much for this magnificient racing experience, 34BigThings ! I had such a blast racing these AG vehicles, I’ve stopped counting the hours I spent playing this game !
    Bought the game on PS4 Pro with all DLCs, (not sure if it’s compatible with boost mode) but yet had a fluid experience, with only a few lags when boss tracks+portals+water/particles, didn’t stop me from winning tho !
    Only had a few crashes, don’t really know the cause, but it really didn’t bother me !

    Yet, I have a question that many other people have asked in the past months.
    PSVR will be a thing or Sony is acting like.. well.. Sony, and won’t let you do your thing ?
    I would LOVE to experience Redout with PSVR and a comfy couch, but I understand if Sony is restricting you or if you’re mainly focusing on Redout : Space Assault (Can’t wait for that one too, any chance for a PS4 support ?)
    Hope we’ll get PSVR support someday, you did a great job with Redout, handling, speed, ships, tracks and music are optimal, keep it up !

  • George says:

    I really enjoy the game Redout… when it works. The game crashes very often, and by crash I mean it freezes my whole computer. I actually have to reboot. This problem has plagued me since I first bought it. It seems ed to go away from a time but now it’s back full force. I own a very high end tower with Windows 10 (64GB RAM, GTX 1080T1, SSD…). I also have a solid, stable internet connection. I’m not sure what the problem is but it is a deal breaker. I literally cannot play this game.

  • Andrei says:

    Hi guys!

    Liked the demo a lot and now I am thinking about getting the game for PS4 or for PC (probably PS4).
    But where is the version for Nintendo Switch? I would happily buy the game for this console instead

  • arislaf says:

    Congratulations for this masterpiece! It is what the AG crowd wanted!! Cant thank you enough!!!

  • Brahim says:

    Hi guys!
    is the Nintendo Switch version still planned for this year 2019 ? Do you plan to release it in physical version ? Thanks.

  • Ersin says:

    Hi, I just purchased Redout Lightspeed edition for the PS4. I also have the three DLC packs installed too, moon, mars, earth. I’m very confused though. I’m in career mode, and there is a list of objectives / missions. Many of the tracks for these are in Alaska, Vertex, and Sequoia for example. My question is, how do I get the missions for the new DLC tracks in career mode? I can race on these DLC tracks in Quick Race and I believe multiplayer too. But not in career mode. Am I supposed to finish each and every single mission objective on that list first? Will there be another list after these have all been completed? I looked at the entire list, and none of the tracks take place on the DLC tracks that I purchased and installed. Please help me, I’m so confused. Thank you so very much!

    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      Hi! Thanks for getting Redout and some of its DLCs for PS4! For the carreer events: the more you play, the more you unlock and continue to progress in the career. It’s tight to which events you played, won, experience level and a bunch of other things, but mostly it’s really just the more you play, the more events you unlock 🙂

  • olivier ponthieux says:

    Just want to thank you for the game, i love it.
    The big jumps are what makes redout as good as f-zero and wipeout.
    Moon and Neptune are my favorite tracks.
    Well done

  • Giacomo Mazzullo says:

    Salve, quando giochiamo in due, ogni volta che finisce la partita, cliccando su Continua il gioco si blocca generando un errore CE-34878-0, è frustrante dover ricaricare ogni volta il gioco. La ps4 è nuova non ci sono altri giochi installati quindi mi sembra inutile ripristinarla allo stato iniziale, come posso risolvere? Grazie

  • mAxVR says:

    Ancora nulla riguardo il PSVR Update? Lo diamo definitivamente per spacciato?

  • YaBoiKJ says:

    So I bought the lightspeed edition on Ps4, then grabbed the DLC pack, downloaded both… but when I try to play the dlc tracks, it tells me i need to purchase & install them… when I already have… I just don’t understand why this is, i’ve rebooted & checked for updates, rechecked the download status of the DLCs but its still not letting me play them

  • Duke says:

    Hi there.

    Really great game. Playing in 2020! But, can you do something against the cheaters? For example: It’s not possible to finish the first career race (3 rounds) in 8 seconds.

    If you could fix that, it would be more interesting to play it.

  • Siamo di fronte ad un gioco che ha voluto “sfidare” colossi del genere instaurati da anni e generazioni di console e pc ormai consolidati nella memoria degli appassionati e dei fan. 34BigThings ha saputo, prima di tutto, riportare in auge un genere che si era un po’ assopito nel corso degli anni, migliorando alcuni aspetti anche rispetto a titoli più blasonati e donando al giocatore una sensazione di velocità mai provata prima. Da italiano mi sento davvero onorato e orgoglioso di poter giocare a questo titolo, spero che venga riconosciuto anche dalle testate estere (già alcune lo hanno fatto) come prodotto top di categoria, quale è a mio modestissimo parere.
    GG ragazzi!

  • Alberto says:

    Hi team,

    I am trying to get the platinum trophy on ps4 but I cannot get the trophy obtained when winning online because nobody is connected, any solution? I love your game!

    Furthermore I have the game on pc as well through steam but as I try to start it ,I get the tipical loading screen and then it closes automatically and I cant play. Do you know how to sort this tjing out? Thanks a lot!


    • Valerio Di Donato says:

      Hello Alberto, I would suggest you join our discord server at discord.gg/redout to setup multiplayer races with other players!
      I’m sorry for the Steam issue, sounds like a crash occurring reading your savegame or for a GPU “busy” situation (where another software has control over your GPU, IE. a streaming app).

  • Stefano says:


    Ho acquistato redout principalmente per giocare in VR, ma non riesco ad avviarlo correttamente in nessun modo. Quando sono nella room VR di steam funziona tutto perfettamente, ma non appena avvio in gioco in modalità VR, mi appare il messaggio di errore, “il tuo dispositivo non è in grado di tracciare il movimento” o un messaggio simile. Però con altri giochi e nella room va tutto bene perfettamente. Cosa posso fare. Ho un Oculus Rift S e pc intel i7 con scheda grafica Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070.


  • Giacomo Mazzullo says:

    Salve, vorrei segnalare un errore in Redout Lightspeed edition per PS4, giocando in due con schermo condiviso, alla fine della gara, cliccando su Continua, il gioco procede normalmente tornando al menù, ma cliccando su Continua dopo una seconda gara, il gioco va sempre in crash generando l’errore CE-34878-0, dopo la verifica mi propone di aggiornare il software, ma ovviamente non trova nessuno aggiornamento, potete cortesemente provvedere a sistemare questo errore? È abbastanza frustrante dovere riavviare il gioco tutte le volte. Grazie

  • Michelangelo says:

    Absolutely loved REDOUT playing it on PC VR.
    Bought everything !!! The game is fantastic

    I was looking also to find about REDOUT 2 but I do not see it yet. Please PLEASE PLEASE ADD VR Support to REDOUT 2 as well.
    Instant buy on day 1 when released with VR support and will buy all the DLC in the future 🙂

    VR is a radical improvement in gaming, please keep it up!!


  • Cyan--10 says:

    I bought the game on PS4, thanks for the 75% sales!

    I think there are bugs in the ranking posting system, and I tried different game modes (carrier, training, time attack pure, etc.). It works sometime, but often it doesn’t work.
    It says “you never played that track”, even if I played them a lot of time. I have my time displayed on track choice, but when I want to see global rank, I’m not there 🙁
    The game rarely sends my time to the server after completing a course, I’m disappointed. I like to compare the rank with other players, but I can’t even see other player’s time if I don’t have at least 1 posted time.

    I like the game, but I like better when I compete with others 🙂
    Is the ranking server at its end of life ? is posting rank disabled because the game is old ?

    Thank you.
    PS: I suppose PSVR is not happening. I hope you are working with Sony for PSVR2 support on Redout2 🙂

  • Cyan--10 says:


    I like this game, but I like better when I can see my rank.
    This is the fastest racing game ever, but unfortunately the slowest “sending results to the server” game ever (on Playstation).
    When I access the ranking menu, it says I never played the track. but I did many time.
    I have to wait on the track result menu 10-15 minutes for my results to be uploaded to the ranking server 🙁

    Please, can you make a game fix to post the results faster, right after completing a track ? I like to compare my rank right away, and I like to play another track without waiting 15min between each! If I don’t wait, I lose my record, it’s never posted.
    Thank you.
    Good luck for Redout2, I hope faster ranking server, and maybe PSVR2 support.

  • Darkink says:

    I downloaded this game today and i started to playing a quick racing but when i tried to begin a “trayectory” i tried to buy the first ship and the game crash every time. So i reinstalled it and the same thing happens. ¿Can someone help me about this?

  • Terry Montoya says:

    Hola muy buenas tengo un problema con el juego, lo he instalado desde la Epic Store inicia correctamente pero cuando quiero jugar una partida al seleccionar la nave se cierra y me sale error que es el siguiente:
    Fatal error!

    Unhandled Exception: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION reading address 0x0000000000000000

    0x00007ff75326f484 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!FOnlineStatsInterfaceEOS::UpdateStats() [D:\redout\Plugins\OnlineSubsystemRedpointEOS\Source\OnlineSubsystemRedpointEOS\Private\OnlineStatsInterfaceEOS.cpp:323]
    0x00007ff753b45a95 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!URedoutGameInstance::WriteStat() [D:\redout\Source\redout\Private\RedoutGameInstance.cpp:689]
    0x00007ff753b3c328 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!URedoutGameInstance::UpdateAchievementProgress() [D:\redout\Source\redout\Private\RedoutGameInstance.cpp:6680]
    0x00007ff753b3ac36 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!URedoutGameInstance::UnlockAchievement() [D:\redout\Source\redout\Private\RedoutGameInstance.cpp:3221]
    0x00007ff753afedb4 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!URedoutGameInstance::CheckForGarageAchievements() [D:\redout\Source\redout\Private\RedoutGameInstance.cpp:2895]
    0x00007ff753d74159 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!UFunction::Invoke() [D:\UE4EngineTemplate\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\Class.cpp:5680]
    0x00007ff753ec9850 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!UObject::CallFunction() [D:\UE4EngineTemplate\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp:1024]
    0x00007ff753ed6d58 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!UObject::ProcessContextOpcode() [D:\UE4EngineTemplate\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp:2896]
    0x00007ff753ed7c6f redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!ProcessLocalScriptFunction() [D:\UE4EngineTemplate\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp:1093]
    0x00007ff753ec5d56 redout-Win64-Shipping.exe!ProcessScriptFunction() [D:\UE4EngineTemplate\Engine\Source\Runtime\CoreUObject\Private\UObject\ScriptCore.cpp:924]

    Queria una ayuda ya que me comunique con Epic Games y me indicaron que me comunique con ustedes para este problema

  • Dave says:

    Game crashes every time i try to choose a ship for career mode – shame

  • Daniel says:

    Thank you for making this game. It reminds me of an old racing game I used to play as a child called Cyberspeed. It has that vibe, along with what the original NFS games used to play like. I wish I could have a physical copy and not rely on just the digital version.

  • E-X-E says:

    I can’t start the game with “ue4-redout game has stopped running”

  • I think the difficulty is very much tooo hard for gamers.

  • Silver says:

    Redout can’not star in Epic at all now, repair it pls !!!

  • SonicC says:

    Redout Enhanced is stuck ‘patching’ in steam… It has been this way for about 2 weeks now!

  • beeea says:

    This game is too freaking hard for me to play!! No thanks!

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