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  • Meridith says:


    I have a physical disability and am very interested in playing Redout 2 on PS5. I have extremely limited use of my hand and I only play with one hand. I was wondering if I would be able to get a copy of the game to try? I would like to be able to give it back and not have to lose the money if I am unable to physically play it. Please let me know if this is possible.

    Thank you

  • Jubal Harmon says:

    Hello! I absolutely love Redout 2 so far, and while I am having a ton of fun with it, there is one slight hitch I’m running into. On every race, after I get done with the first lap or get about a minute and a half into it, I start to drop frames every so often (the game pauses briefly every 2 seconds or so). I know the computer I run it on isn’t the most powerful in the world, but I wanted to see if there are people having similar issues before I look to upgrade. This is on the Steam version.

  • Jean-René Bourdin says:

    Buongiorno, I purchased Redout 2 on Xbox Serie X because i like arcade race game. After some hours on it, i’ve got some feedback because i feel the game need to be patched in some ways (it has just been released).

    First thing that some other players mentioned, the soundtrack is not constent, it stops for some reason then start playing again, no problem with soundeffects but the music player is not working good.

    Another thing, my ship sometimes collides with nothing, i can be in the middle of the track and my ship just stop or start spinning like i touched an obstacle. It occurs on various slopes and also on flat surfaces track.
    I also get to go trough the track floor after a jump even with the right angle to land.
    Some minors frames drop sometimes occurs, but not the most bothering compared to the problems mentioned before.

    A more subjective feedback. Your game is hard, and i know it has some difficulty setting and i can also enable some helps to pilot. Races are the best experienced on the game for me, it really is a joy to go highspeed behind another ship. But the two others suffers from a problem that is not very bothering n races becaus of other drivers leading the way: indications.
    Time attack and “speed track” (don’t know the english name) are very hard to me because i’m having trouble anticipating turns. I might not be the best drivers but i look as forward as possible in race games just like a F1 pilot would do to anticipate. In Redout 2, it can be very difficult or impossible to predict a turns because of the nature of tracks, loopings, jumps, different angle and object blocking view of the next turns. Yes ther is some indications n screen anoucing next turn or loop, but it’s not enough to me. I understand that green goes for high speed, orange medium and red slow turns, but i think the indications could be more accurate with more precise turning info. It’s really frustrating to collide with the wall because you couldn’t see what as behind the turn. I use decelaration and braking and it’s not enough.

    The same problems impact your speed mode wich is to me the hardest mode on the game.

    It is a question and not a complain: do you expect players to learn every track on the game to enjoy it?
    When playing race game you can learn track by heart by playing it, F1 serie is a good exemple it contains real tracks, so very famous, every gearhead know what monza look like. When playing more open games like forza horizon, with fake road, it can be harder. Dev helps the player by adding some signals too, also they can use rewind(not he best solution to me), and it is easier because a car in forza will not go as fast as your ships. I guess redout 2 tracks re build to host high speeds race, but i feel like i need to be a jet fighter pilot to take decision. Sometimes you just cannot anticipate, it’s just your instinct. And that’s frustrating when your instinct is wrong.

    Maybe i’m just playing it wrong but with the same difficulty level, i can beat the npc on race pretty easily, but i have to give my life on time attack, and i can’t even be third on speed mode.

    I hope it will help you maintaining Redout 2.

    Wish you the best.

    Grazie, Jean-René

  • Immz says:

    Please can you add Zone Battle like they had in Wipeout HD fury? It was the most addictive and fun aspect of ANY Wipeout game. If you add this mode to your game it would be gaming perfection. Please please please can you add a similar mode? Being able to rip around a track in a ghostly shell with psychedelic colours and at phantom speeds was so amazing, I wish you could have this in your game would be perfect.

  • Elliott shipes says:

    Hi, i just purchased your game. Im a huge fan and having a great time. I was wondering though… Why are the menus in Redout2 so washed out/ greyed out? It appears that the contrast is way off. The cars and tracks are vibrant and bold, which makes the menus look even worse. This needs to be fixed.

  • Ben Jäger says:

    Hey dear Team of 34BigThings,

    I’ve just downloaded and bought your new game Redout2 and i have to say: It is awesome but i found some pretty game breaking bugs:

    When you have a group with people and play with cars from the garage, on the mount fuji maps the host is much faster than the others, and on other maps the host takes damage in “hot” areas, but the other players dont!
    Also you cant change the gamemode in a group of people!

    I just thought i’d leave you some feedback

    Best regards,

  • Adam Withrow says:

    I got Redout 2 on PS5, and it ROCKS! This game is seriously awesome. It has some of the best and most exhilarating game play moments in video game history. I can’t count the amount of times that I’ve said, “That was F@(%$*# COOL!” It’s definitely worth it to start with the assists and dial them back as you get the feel. Unassisted complex flight is incredible. Sticking perfect landings on crazy jumps is one of the most awesome things in any game ever.

    The two-stick setup is cool. It takes a while to get the feel for it, but it’s awesome. The feel, however, once you have it, is super awesome. Every step of dialing back the assists is amazing because you slowly feel how perfect the control actually is. If you guys add PSVR2 support, that’d be the only reason I’d get one of those things.

    I wanted WipEout, but they’re not making one, so when I saw that this game was coming, I was really excited. I got it right around launch, and I liked it, but I didn’t understand what I was being asked it to do. I dusted it off a couple of weeks ago and actually figured it out. This is a work of art. I hope you guys can carry this one into the future. Please don’t compromise. Mass market dumb downs would ruin what is a perfect game.

    Thank you guys. This is at least as good as WipEout, though it’s completely different. It might even actually be better.

  • Austyn landry says:

    The jumps are really hurting the game for me i love everything else but im currently locked in the first race on a class becuase the 3rd jump i just float away and some part of the map even if aim me nose down it still does nothing

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