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Based in Turin, Italy

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Steam - 1st February 2019



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Helheim is a furious hack n’ slash game sure to constantly keep players on their toes. As the goddess of death, Hella, reconquer your reign by defeating anyone who stands in front of you. Brand your sword to kill enemies with their own projectiles and unleash superhuman powers to annihilate them.


The Helheim was invaded by a mysterious enemy in command of an army corrupted by a powerful technology. Its queen, Hella, was defeated and imprisoned, while her reign was being ravaged. Then an unexpected help arrived and now she is ready to take her throne back.


Fast paced gameplay. Easy to learn, hard to master
Kill an entire army with Hack’n’Slash mechanics, where every mistake could be fatal. You will have to face an army made up of various types of enemies that will test your skills and hinder your ascent.
Dodge myriads of bullets and deflect them wielding your sword. The corrupted enemies of the helheim will try to stop you with powerful armaments and the only thing you have to stop them is your blade.

Collect and use powerful runes to unleash the true powers of a goddess of death
The Helheim hides ancient runes that contains the lost powers of Hella. Find them, equip them and create powerful combos to annihilate your enemies.

A corrupted norse kingdom of death
You will explore the Helheim as never seen before, where ancient structures are crumbling, giving way to a new and mysterious technology. Those who once were the inhabitants of the helheim are now a lethal army, whose only end is to kill you.


Helheim - Announcement Trailer YouTube


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About Not A Number

Est. 2017, we are an indie game development studio based in Turin, Italy. The team started as a group of students and decided to continue to work together after our last year. Our team counts 17 members already, all with a strong passion in making video games. Our goal is to make a living while we develop the games of our dreams.

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Helheim Credits

Andrea Albanese
3D Artist

Enrico Dutto
Game Designer

Federico Giorsetti
Game Designer

Denis Miglino
Game Programmer

Maria Lia Malandrino
2D Artist & Animator

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