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Redout Announcement Trailer #2

By August 7, 2017June 27th, 2019DeveloperDiary, Redout

Four months, approximately 120 days, have passed since the Redout announcement trailer saw the light of day.

Since one of the golden rules of communication is “show it, don’t tell it“, and especially because it’s been forever since our last development diaries entry (my bad…), we decided to show you the progress we made in these 120 days. Or at least part of it.

We used the same the camera tracks of the launch trailer, pushed the “record” button, and here’s the result. Honestly, we’ve been working on this project for too long in order to objectively evaluate how cool it is. We might be biased, but we tend to think it’s very, very cool. Kinda awesome, in fact.

You’ll notice that we changed Q3 for Q4. Yeah, launching by September is not looking likely. We’ll try our hardest to land Redout on your systems in 2015, but it’s still too soon for an official launch date. As you can see, we are indeed working hard, so stay tuned.
Hope you enjoyed the update!

Giuseppe Enrico Franchi

About Giuseppe Enrico Franchi

Game Designer and Developer, MSc in Game Design. 34BigThings Lead Game Designer and co-founder. Loves jam, game jams, and football.


  • Ross says:

    Excellent, looking forward to this!

  • Phuc says:

    Hi 34BigThings,
    I am really happy to see this game still on working and ready for launch on Q4 2015.
    I am dying to see the acarde racing comeback, but I really want to ask that if there is any local coop (up to 4 players) racing with other AI racers?
    Please let me know ๐Ÿ™

    Thank you so much,

  • Mark says:

    Looks really, really good. Any progress report? I just want to give you my money already.

    Oh and please make it support Linux. That would make you a hero in the Linux community.

  • Daniele says:

    This game looks awsome! I’m developing a sci-fi racing game too.
    I guess racing against you could be an hard challange! I can’t wait to see new progress. Good luck!!

  • Goth2191 says:

    So… Is already December 2015 and… Where is my Redout Steam page?!!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Also, do you guys already have an idea of what will be the requirements to run the game? I mean, I would like to think that the requirements will be the same (if not lower) than other racing games like Sega & all star racing transformed, but then I remember that I have already played other low poly games that don’t even start, or for example Grow Home runs terrible in my laptop even though I can play Far Cry 3/ NFSMW 2012/ Hitman Absolution/ Tomb Raider/ Thief /Dark Souls/ Tales of Zestiria etc, etc… perfectly, so I want to be sure if I will be able to play it or if I should keep my hopes down the ground xD

    Also, (early) Happy new year!!! n.n

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