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Redout Score Sheets – “OtherWorlds: Music for the Players” Concert

This past Summer our music composer, Aram Shahbazians, contributed to the organization of Other Worlds – Music For The Players in Genoa, a concert born by the joint partnership of the University of Genova, the “Carlo Felice” Theatre and the “N. Paganini” Conservatory. The concert was a tribute to video game soundtracks, from Final Fantasy to Skyrim, and among all the amazing music performed that night were also two tracks from Redout!

The “Carlo Felice” Theatre orchestra, conducted by Daniel Smith, rocked the hell out of the music alongside the roaring guitar of Daniel Giagnorio, our CFO, who was on stage with them for that night. We were there to capture the moment and encourage our friends. The concert was sold out with a long standby line in the lobby of the Theatre and at the end, there was a standing ovation for the orchestra and the conductor.

Since we have many music nerds among our staff and we know there are others like us out there, we are happy to share the music and full orchestral score for “Great Dark Spot” and “Red Storm”. You can watch the videos and download the PDFs at the links below.


Click on the image to download the full score sheet.



Click on the image to download the full score sheet.


Thank you and remember to play music faster than ever!

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