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Redout: Space Assault 1.8.0 is out now!

By November 7, 2019February 27th, 202034BigThings, Redout, Redout: Space Assault

It’s time to get back in the cockpit! A new update for Redout: Space Assault is now available on Apple Arcade, packed full of goodies and bug fixes!


  • Added a brand-new game chapter! After breaking the blockade impeding the Genesis forces from resupplying, Leon is now a fundamental component of the Rebellion. Now comes the time to go on the offensive, and destroy Poseidon’s chokehold on humanity on Genesis.
  • New graphic feedbacks for the player’s ship.
  • New feedback sound effects on the Main Menu navigation.


  • Improved the boss fight in Mission 4, Chapter 4.
  • Improved gameplay for races in Chapters 3 and 6.
  • Improved physics for older devices.
  • Improved the turret load up animation for Turrets, Drones, and Ships.
  • Improved hit particles on the player’s ship.
  • Improved player ship behavior when performing multiple aileron rolls.


  • Fixed some aesthetic issues with weapon particles.
  • Fixed wrongly placed elements in Mission 3 Chapter 4
  • Fixed a random game freeze when suspending the game
  • Fixed menu navigation on the touch screen for some aspect ratios
  • Fixed StrayCat fighters sometimes being too difficult to kill
  • Fixed some focus issues in Main Menu
  • Fixed an issue with dialogues opening when Pause Menu
  • Fixed an odd behavior by SNCom Missile Batteries
  • Removed the Boost mechanic during Boss Fights

Start warming up your engines, pilots! We hope to see you soon in Redout: Space Assault!

Gabriele Omaggio

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