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How to get Redout Ship Telemetry data

Redout for PC allows Third Party system to use the Ship telemetry data while playing.

This is mostly meant to interface the game to Simulator systems.

The telemetry data is exposed through a Shared Memory

The exposed telemetry data consists in:

  • World Orientation Quaternion
  • Local Acceleration Vector

These are saved in a struct, updated every game frame, defined as it follows:

There are two important things to keep in mind for the system to work properly:
1) Both Steam (and so Redout) and the program that will access the memory have to be “Run as Administrator” on Windows computers.
2) The telemetry data, and the shared memory containing them, is available and accessible only when the player racing ship has already been spawned. This means that your code must be in charge of checking if the telemetry data exists in order to avoid issues.

Here you can view a simple C++ example program to access and print these telemetry data:

In order to use Redout in a commercial context (such as, but not limited to, a VR Site, Arcade or Simulators) you need to buy a commercial license. Those are available directly on Steam up to 100 seats, if you need more contact us directly for a custom purchase order.