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Team Introduction: ESA-AGR

By March 24, 2016March 28th, 2016Redout


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The ESA-AGR was born as a branch of the European Space Agency when prototyping high-atmosphere patrol aircrafts during the Mars colonisation. The advancements in aerodynamics, efficient propulsion and electromagnetic fields were crucial in the effort of terraforming the Red Planet. They also happened to be very useful when it came to build crazy fast racing hoverships.

Its founders helped build the very first AG racing competition, encouraged and financially supported the development of the SRRL Solar Redout Racing League from its inception. 

As a result, the ESA-AGR is the team with the longest and most honoured history in AG Racing.


The ESA-AGR is an all-rounder. Acceleration and magnetic grip are amongst the best in the league, and the ship is average in everything else. The power-up and turbo energy pool is slightly below par: battery capacity and generators are kept to a minimum to avoid encumbrance and reduce weight. It’s a very good team for drivers who don’t rely too much on power-ups and prefer a canonical race approach.



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