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Technical Support

Find the right place to get help

Hello and thanks for your interest in our support section, we are here to help. The first part of your journey starts understanding what you need support for, which game and then pick the best place for you to get help.

Here’s a quick guide:


  1. Crashes or blocking bugs: this is a critical problem for us as well, make sure to mention CRASH or BLOCKING BUG in the headline of any communication regarding this issue.
  2. Performance issues: this is a major problem for us as well and we understand the pain of a gamer who has to play with hitches or simply slow fps. Make sure to mention PERFORMANCE ISSUE in the headline of any communication and try to be as explicit as possible about the hardware you are using (PC specs, console, handheld device, phone, etc…)
  3. Gameplay suggestions: this is a very important point for us and we are very happy you want to get in touch for your ideas. Please make sure to mention GAMEPLAY IDEAS in the headline of any communication regarding this point.


We offer two main channels for you to get support, please pick the one you prefer depending on the situation and the urgency of the support needed.

  1. Discord Channel per game: Discord is our first choice as most of the development team is an active community member on our servers and it’s very easy to engage a conversation with a broader audience than just a technical support guy (or a developer) and yourself.
  2. Email support: We are always open to email inquires on the aforementioned topics. If you prefer to use vintage communication systems, you can always drop us a message at, specifying the type of support you need. Please keep in mind the more information you give us on first contact, the sooner we can get to the root of your problem and start to fix it for you.