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“Let’s make a futuristic F-Zero with a low poly graphic style”.

It seemed good for a starting project. After all, we used to work on b2b mobile products all the time. Or small game productions, mostly spawning from game jams. (That’s why you don’t know us yet, by the way. But believe us, our hands are already quite dirty of the good stuff!)

“Sure, why not. Let’s try out Unreal. We have been using Unity for years, it might be nice to learn something new. And their pricing strategy looks smart.” One month later, the office grew from five to seven people. We hardly knew where to put the desks. And we knew that it wasn’t ordinary people that would come in and fill those desks. We had some exceptionally skilled artists in mind. We asked them to help us shape our future games as we believe games should be.

And they said yes.

“Gosh, it has to be fast. And I mean faster faster faster than Wipeout. So. Much. Faster.” Not to mention that we live together. The office is our home. We work in our living room. We cook together. It has been like this since when we started, about 18 months ago. Three people do come in everyday to work, but the founders never really leave. (Except myself. I’m lazy enough to travel some 520km every weekend to visit home.)

“Let’s just use physics forces. We want this thing to feel real, we don’t want to feel like we are driving on rails.”

Here we are, two months later. “Hey, this ship handles really good. And the landscape, just… wow.”

That’s how it starts, I guess.




Gabriele Omaggio

34BigThings' rookie Social Media Manager. A multilingual mess of word-wrangling tendencies. Occasional writer and translator.

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