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Once the initial direction for the environments was set, we started experimenting with the ships. We needed shapes, volumes, ideas of speed and visions of the future.
Of course, Baratelli had all we needed. This is the first iteration he came back with:


Go on, click on it. They deserve more screen space.

You can see what some of these shapes transpire: the will to race faster than ever!
Also, some inspiration clearly shines through: from PKNA in the bottom left, to Wipeout in the bottom right and a touch of BMW in the top center.

Looking forward to see what these concepts will look when racing at 800km/h…

Valerio Di Donato

About Valerio Di Donato

MSc in Game Technology from the IT University of Copenhagen. Founder of 34BigThings, Game Director for Redout and Hyperdrive Massacre.

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