So last week we announced Goblin Squad, our upcoming game about goblins running amok in a human kingdom, pillaging and looting all they can find. But what is Goblin Squad, exactly?

The easiest way to visualize Goblin Squad is to think about chess, and then swapping the various pieces with different types of goblins. Goblin Squad’s gameplay is all centered around the efficient use of the various types of minions you will be able to control, by using and synergizing their abilities to achieve maximum effect.

Alongside the combat, there is also a world-exploration aspect. Your tribe of goblin invaders will move across the procedurally-generated human kingdom, looting and pillaging the land in order to gain resources and new followers. As you win battles, your goblins will grow and become more powerful, eventually specializing in one of several branches (berserkers, alchemy, necromancy etc.).

Exploring the world will also have the player confront events that present opportunities for the player to exploit (or obstacles to overcome). These will allow you to gain or lose resources, recruit new goblins into your tribe, and more.

The goblins’ ultimate objective (to topple the human kingdom) will only be achieved if the player is willing to sacrifice some of its minions for the greater good: the realm’s tenacious defenders will not go down without a fight. It is inevitable that some of your goblins will bite the dust; what will ensure your victory is making sure that those that meet their fate will do so at the right time, in the right place and in the most convenient (and atrocious) way possible.

So, was your insatiable curiosity satisfied? Make sure to wishlist the game on Steam and to follow us on our social media to catch the latest news on Goblin Squad!

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