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Christmas season is upon us and very soon we will all be united with our families, celebrating this time of the year by eating disproportioned amounts of food – especially Valerio and Daniel, coming from Abruzzo.

It’s been a nice, long year. The progress on RedOut has been amazing, especially in the first phases of development. We’ve gathered a lot of feedback and support along the way and the game has grown a lot.

In a bunch of months, we went from zero, to this


And then this.


And while there is something really cool in the cartoonish look of our first prototypes, RedOut looks so much more of a grown-up big boy game now. Something that really aims to test your grip on the controller, demanding that you win that time attack race so you can unlock a new ship. Something to test your skills against. Something fitting for a next-gen console.

The company itself has grown a lot as well. 2014 was the year when we decided to develop our own IPs. RedOut was the first, but not the only one.

Yep, there’s a reason why we didn’t post so many updates lately, and that’s because we have been busy busy busy. For example, the game development classes we started to teach at the Event Horizon School of Digital Art in Turin; teaching games is a whole lot of fun and a ridiculous amount of work.

But especially, there’s a new title in the pipeline, and it’s pretty much close to completion. It’s a smaller game, developed 80% by a parallel team. You will be able to know more, and possibly play something soon… really soon.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and we all wish you a wonderful 2015. We’ll make sure you have something cool to play 😉

Gabriele Omaggio

34BigThings' rookie Social Media Manager. A multilingual mess of word-wrangling tendencies. Occasional writer and translator.

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